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Office development on active MV bus yard?
Mountain View could have a large development built above an active bus yard, thanks to the high price of real estate near... Last comment on Jan 24, 2015 at 11:50 am | 8 comments

Council seeks to develop downtown parking lots
In the City Council's first substantial public discussion since three new members took office Jan. 6, members said they wanted... Last comment 16 hours ago | 17 comments

Rash of graffiti reports in MV
Police received a rash of vandalism reports over graffiti involving gang symbols -- or "gang tagging" -- in Mountain View... Last comment 53 minutes ago | 9 comments

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The "Mountain View" may need a rechristening following the Christmas downpour at Shoreline Lake. Noahs Ark II appears ready for the gathering of the animals. Submitted by JeanCarl Bisson on Dec 26, 2012

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Still Alice
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Still Alice There's a master class in screen acting coming to a theater near you, which is reason enough (for those who care about such things) to see "Still Alice." Heavily favored to take home a Best Actress trophy at this year's Oscars, Julianne Moore plays t...... Read the full review

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